We are an independent investigative journalism organisation with a belief in truth.  We believe in government and business being transparent and accountable.  We believe in democracy.  Because of current media structures, these stories are not told or only half told.  As Terry Smith, a former newspaper compositor and one of the participants in our feature documentary Belonging the Truth Behind the Headlines says “It is not what’s in a newspaper, it is what is not in a newspaper that counts”.

We want to right this wrong and tell the truth of a story – whatever that may be.

We want to go into every story with an open mind and have the facts guide us. We want to tell the stories of those people who have not been listened to, and should have been.

Morag Livingstone, who founded this blog, is an award winning writer, director, producer, film-maker and investigative journalist who collaborates with others to get to the heart of the matter.  The aim being to turn complex issues into an understandable narrative that highlight the personal impact of those affected – and why these issues are important to the wider population.

Best selling books:

Morag wrote, in conjunction with Hope Daniels (whose story is told), two true life books Hackney Child and Tainted Love.  Both books were best sellers in 2014 (Hackney Child for 5 weeks).  The books were credited as being successful in telling the story, for the first time, from the perspective of the child in care and are now “essential reading” in universities and on social work courses.



From Morag’s first documentary Living with Low Income in Scotland (2005) to her latest acclaimed feature documentary Belonging The Truth Behind the Headlines(2017) there is a theme that change is possible through good investigation, reporting the truth and giving a voice to those who have been ignored or victimised because of established media norms.  It is through people placing their trust our team that allows us to tell their stories and highlight the impact of government and corporate actions, often left unchecked, on people and their communities.

Living with Low Income in Scotland is a short multimedia piece examining those in work but financially struggling.  Made in 2005, at a time few in government appreciated the challenges faced by those living on low income, and through those who tell told their stories – the film is credited with helping both raise awareness and the law in Scotland.

Belonging title No 3

Belonging The Truth Behind the Headlines is a critically acclaimed investigative feature documentary film launched in 2017 about where power lies in the UK.  Re-looking at events around 3 industrial disputes, 3 governments and over 3 decades we show the impact of government and corporate power on democracy and human rights in the UK.   In this  film there are many reveals – not least a secret government plan to destroy community and collectivism.  The documents we have found prove what has long been suspected by many but not proven – until now.

Through heart rendering personal stories from those at the centre of these industrial disputes we show the impact of the actions of those in power on individuals and communities – but also question what lies ahead.

“You’ve proven conspiracy fact is really conspiracy truth”  Audience Member (2017)

In between these two films Morag has built a track record able to identify issues and the untold stories that are under the radar, or being ignored, that need to be told – and heard.  From Self harm, mental health to microfinance her stories reach the decision makers and contribute to creating a conversation.

When she finds people who face injustice and when what’s happening doesn’t make sense as compared to the established narrative – she investigates with an open mind.  Bringing stories, and people impacted, to the fore.  Investigative journalism should challenge established norms through facts, research and truth – Morag and those she works with strive to do this, and do it better.

Information on where you can watch Belonging The Truth Behind the Headlines  buy a DVD or set up a community screening can be found here.   

We are currently working on a number of stories on which your support would be invaluable in helping us investigate and report – and in turn give a voice to those who should have one, find out more.